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If you’ve been considering how you can transition yourself and your family to a more eco-friendly diet, but have been uncertain about how to start, this FREE challenge is for you! 

This challenge will provide you with a FREE download copy of our Play Your Plate™ gamified system for transitioning to a more eco-friendly diet.  You will also receive: 

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group: Grown Ups Lead By Example where we will host the challenge.
  • Facebook LIVE sessions with host Devon Whalen to celebrate challenge wins, navigate barriers, and learn new tips, tricks, and recipes! 

Our challenge Kicks of May 24, 2021. Register Now!


Would Play Your Plate™ Benefit You?

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Consider the following: 

  • Care about the environment? 
  • Want to reduce your negative carbon impact on the environment? 
  • Currently eating meat with 80% of your lunches and dinners? 
  • Currently including beef or lamb in your meals 2+ times a week? 
  • Intimidated by the idea of being “vegetarian” or “vegan”? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Play Your Plate™ is a great option for you! 

Play Your Plate™ will help you transform your diet and reduce your negative carbon impact on the environment by helping you choose foods with lower impact. 

Play Your Plate™ is NOT about transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.  This is more about being a reduce-atarian or a flex-atarian, terms that relate to your efforts to make smaller, progressive changes.

How does Play Your Plate™ help you be more eco-friendly?

Did you know that the impact of the typical diet of US citizens leads to the destruction of four trees every year, according to The Guardian?! 

The choices you make in the grocery store and kitchen have an impact on our climate.  By transitioning to a more eco-friendly diet, you can reduce your negative impact on the environment and #LeadByExample.

Play Your Plate™ is healthy for the environment AND healthy for you, too! 

Can Play Your Plate™ improve your health?

Play Your Plate™ will help you adopt a healthier diet by helping you eat less red meat and by encouraging the consumption of plant-based foods.  Why not do what’s best for your heart health AND heal the environment at the same time?

Does Play Your Plate™ inspire eco-friendly youth?

As parents, caregivers, and teachers, we want what is best for our children. We want them to have a healthy world.  And we want to set an example for them to follow.  Using the Play Your Plate™ system with children will give them an early start to an eco-friendly lifestyle that includes the choices they make in the kitchen.  

Can Play Your Plate™ support weight loss? 

Another added bonus of Play Your Plate™ is that the foods that are most eco-friendly also tend to be lower in calorie and fit nicely into a weight-loss programs and diet plans.  So if you’re looking to lose weight, Play Your Plate™ can work with you! 

In fact, Play Your Plate™ can work with most diets- paleo, keto, low-carb, low-fat, Atkins, autoimmune diets, etc.  It isn’t designed to replace whatever health or weight-loss diet you use.  It can, however, supplement your diet plan and help you choose eco-friendly options alongside your health-conscious choices. There’s no need to choose between your two priorities. You CAN have it all! 

Are you Ready to Transform your Diet?

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