Play Your Plate Cards


A gamified solution to transforming your diet to a more eco-friendly version that feels natural to you and your family.

When you download Play Your Plate, you will receive:

  • Digital PDF of Play Your Plate Cards
  • Digital PDF of Play Your Plate Guide
  • Digital PDF of Personal Use License



Play Your Plate: Gamified Solution to Transitioning to a More Eco-friendly Diet

Play Your Plate is a fun, engaging, and simplified way of creating a slow, progressive transition to a more eco-friendly diet.  If you are interested in taking steps toward a more plant-based diet as a part of a more sustainable lifestyle, Play Your Plate can help you!

Use the three card decks provided by Play Your Plate to help you modify your meals to adopt a more eco-friendly diet over the course of five weeks. The slow transition helps you develop changes to your diet that are easier to maintain for the long haul.

Play Your Plate is based on the negative carbon impact of foods we frequently consume in the United States. The goal is to minimize your carbon footprint through small, incremental adaptations to your meals.  We did the research so that your experience with Play Your Plate can be FUN!

Play Your Plate is a digital download.  This option gives you immediate access to the product.  It also reduces labor costs and eliminates shipping costs and emissions.  By making Play Your Plate digital, we’re making a more economical & environmentally-friendly choice!

The product will come in a compressed Zip File.  Upon download, you will need to extract the three files from the zip folder.  You will need software to open the PDF.  If you choose, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

Play Your Plate is also a great way to engage the family in the transitions to your diet, making this a great way for you to lead by example and raise kids that care about themselves and their environment!


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