Fire Starter Valentine’s Day Gift: Fire


Valentine’s Day Fire Starter

  • Homemade
  • Made from upcycled materials
  • Made with candle wax
  • Message: “You fire me up!”


If you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your outdoorsy significant other, look no further!  If you want something spicy or romantic for the campfire lover in your life, we’ve got the product for you.  Or perhaps you have a fire place in your home and want a Valentine’s Day gift that will make lighting the fire at home a bit romantic. We’ve got you covered.

Get your special someone a little tin of fire starters with your Valentine’s day message: “You fire me up!”. The fire starters can be used to help light your campfire and the tin becomes a keepsake!

Fire starters are made from lint, cardboard, wax paper, and candle wax. The combination of materials helps the fire starter catch flame, but the wax slows the burn a bit to allow the wood in your campfire to catch fire.

These fire starters should be used by those who are familiar with setting campfires and should be stored in their tin when not in use to reduce the chance of accidental fires. Please store away from heat sources.

This product is made almost entirely from upcycled materials (everything except wax paper), giving new life to material that would otherwise end up in the waste stream. And yet, we have a really cute fire starter that would be super helpful in getting a campfire going.  Who would have guessed?


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