Eco Chore Charts


  • 4 Complete Chore Charts for varying audiences.
  • 4 Adaptable Chore Charts for varying audiences.
  • All documents come in two formats for your convenience: .pdf and .png


These Eco Chore Charts are perfect for introducing families to sustainable practices in their daily lives.  This digital download comes with 8 different templates for chore charts in two formats: .pdf and .png to allow you flexible use to meet your needs.


  • Lil Planet Pal: Complete in .pdf and .png
  • Lil Planet Pal: Adaptable in .pdf and .png
  • Earth Defender: Complete in .pdf and .png
  • Earth Defender: Adaptable in .pdf and .png
  • Eco Warrior: Complete in .pdf and .png
  • Eco Warrior: Adaptable in .pdf and .png
  • Family Chore Chart: Complete in .pdf and .png
  • Family Chore Chart: Adaptable in .pdf and .png

There are three versions of the standard chore chart, each designed for a different age group.  You know your child best, so consider their ability levels when selecting the most appropriate variation.  We recommend using the “Lil Planet Pal” chore chart for children 3-6 years old.  The “Earth Defender” chore chart is recommended for children 7-11 years old.  For children 12 and older, we suggest that you use the “Eco Warrior” chore chart.

There is also a family chore chart that can be used to assign members of the family to different tasks that may not be daily chores.

For all four of the chore charts, there is a blank version for you to use, if you’d like to modify the specific chores listed.  You can use the complete templates to provide ideas and adapt based on your individual needs.

We recommend placing your copy of the chore chart inside a page protector so that you can reuse it over and over with a dry erase pen to mark completed chores.

You are free to use this document for your personal use at home, school, or work.  Please do not reproduce or distribute digital or physical copies of this chart.


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