Eco Affirmation Cards


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This digital download is a printable deck of 52 Eco Affirmation cards.  Each card has a different affirmation on it that centers on developing a more eco-conscious mindset.  The messages are empowering and affirming so that you feel capable and inspired to use more eco-friendly behaviors in your daily life. Use a different one each day for 52-days or use one each week for the year.

Benefits of Eco Affirmations:

  • Counter climate anxiety.
  • Center your mind on pro-environmental behaviors.
  • Sets a goal for the day.
  • Provides motivation.
  • Helps you inspire others.

Offering this product as a digital download gives you the flexibility to use the cards in the way that makes the most sense for you:

  • Skip the printing and use them digitally.
  • Print them double-sided on a thick card stock and cut them out to look like a traditional desk of cards.
  • Print only the even pages to give you only the affirmations and reduce printing.

This digital option also allows us to keep your cost low and keep our supply chain transparent. There is no risk of unfair wages or unsustainable materials when you buy this product.




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