Meet the Whale Pod

Robert Whalen, Owner

Robert is the dreamer of the family and the heart and soul of Green Whale. His vision and optimism willed Green Whale into existence.  He brings his experience in business, sales, and customer service to our company and plays a big part in keeping our business service-oriented to meet the needs of the community.  He also brings his talent to the hard work related to the very core of our business by doing the repairs and updates that allow us to bring new life to the furniture pieces in our collection.

Devon Whalen, Owner

Devon’s contributions come from years of study and professional development related to sustainability and a love of learning.  Further, Devon is a born maker—always finding ways to create and design. She assists Robert with some of the design vision, organizes the business, and focuses on ways to translate Robert’s know-how into usable knowledge to benefit others in the community.  When she isn’t supporting the repurposing of quality furniture, she’s finding fun ways to flip thriftstore finds and personalizing products.

Cuteness Everbean, Mascot
Love Bug, Mascot

Our two daughters are our inspiration. As most parents, we want to give our children the best in life, including a world worth inheriting.  Taking steps to protect our world is a part of our parenting.  They also prompt us to think critically about the choices we make in our own home so that we’re reducing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, reducing our waste, and making socially responsible decisions.  They also help also make fantastic test subjects.