What’s on Our Green Whale Playlist?

As a husband and wife team and co-owners of a new business, we have a shared passion for our creative work. We are also spending a good bit of time lately as we have embarked on this shared journey since we have a lot of work to do!  Snow White taught us to whistle while you work because the song helps us set the pace. But determining what we’re whistling can be a challenge since our preferred playlists look vastly different.  Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites on our respective “Whistle While You Work” Playlists.

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Setting the Tone with the Tune

As you can see, we both have very eclectic taste! But the music that keeps us moving and grooving and puts us in our respective creative zones is quite different. In fact, if we’re working in the same space, we often have to find some sort of compromise—which means Dear Husband has to put on something that won’t put his Dear Wife to sleep!

But even the songs on my current playlist aren’t necessarily a “go-to” selection. If I am choosing music and wanting to jam while I work, that’s a list that will keep me motivated. But sometimes I need something a little less distracting. If I am deep into research for the business or writing, I am much more likely to put on some Disney instrumentals or some reggae playing softly in the background.  I have to match the song selection to the job at hand.  Dear Husband, on the other hand, tends to match his music to his mood. And he loves nothing better than a song that touches ya to the core.

What about you? which songs keep you motivated as you work on a project? Do you cater your music choices to your task or your mood? Let us know in the comments below.


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