Leftover Halloween Candy Snacks & Activities for Eco-Conscious Families

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A few days after Halloween, I am always wondering what I’m going to do with all of this extra candy before it starts to rot my family’s teeth! And if you have candy-monsters at home, you’re probably running low on the good stuff, anyway. So what do you do with the end-of-the-bag candies so you don’t throw them out and contribute to our food waste problems? Read on for some fun ideas for using up that leftover Halloween candy! 

Cupcakes decorated with candy faces and sprinkle hair

Make Yummy Treats & Snacks from Halloween Leftovers

I love to bake and make fun treats. So, it’s only natural that I would hunt out the fun ideas for using up that extra Halloween candy. These are some of my favorites: 

  • Use it to top some extra special ice cream- frozen yogurt- sorbet- nice cream sundae! 
  • Freeze it and save it to use for decorating gingerbread houses.
  • Add candy into a trail mix.
  • Mix them into brownies, blondies, or crisped rice cereal treats.
  • Use it as a decoration for cakes or cupcakes.
  • Make a chocolate bark, like this Trash Bark from Delish.

Using leftover Halloween candy corn to create flower pictures

Create fun Craft Activities Using Leftover Halloween Candy

Transform Leftover Halloween Candy into Learning Activities 


MathStarburst candies used to make a graph

  • Use candies as math manipulatives to help children count or perform basic arithmetic
  • Use candy pieces to “measure” various items for non-traditional measurement practice, a standard in many early learning curriculums.
  • Create graphs with candy pieces.




  • Encourage your little to sort the candy by size, color, shape, or candy bar type!  I really love this idea with the sticky tape from Teaching Mama!
  • Increase independence and fine motor skills by allowing your little to unwrap the candy.
  • Invite your little one to use scissors (under supervision) to cut licorice or other thin candies.
  • Use candy pieces and child tweezers or tongs to encourage fine motor skills.
  • Create a dramatic play candy store for your children. They can take on the roles of cashier and shopper.  They can learn the concept of “paying” for items at the store. 
  • Use the candy to inspire storytelling. You can ask them to pick out a candy and talk about what kind of personality or skills the candy bar would have if it was a character in a book.  Or let them tell you about a day in the life of a piece of candy.

Which of these activities will you try with your little one this year to put that leftover Halloween candy to good use? 

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