Environmental Education Videos for Preschool Kids

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As parents, caregivers, and teachers, we often try to make our children’s screen time as productive as possible.  We want them to learn– academic content, as well as social concepts and values.  And if you’re here on this page, you probably value the environment and are looking for some ways to pass that along to your young learner.  This list of environmental education videos for preschool kids will give you an incredible way to introduce and/or reinforce key environmental concepts, empathy, and pro-environmental behaviors.

There couldn’t be a better time to start than now when your little ones are malleable and sponges, ready to soak up all the information they can get their hands on! Research suggests that developing a connection between  your preschool children and nature during this early age correlates to eco-friendly behaviors later in life.  So the next time you are looking for a way to fill some time for your littles, you can draw from this list with confidence.

…introduce and/or reinforce key environmental concepts, empathy, and pro-environmental behaviors.


Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid is a fantastic show available on PBS Kids. The show focuses on scientific observation investigation from the perspective of an elementary age child. The cartoonish characters are colorful and appealing to young kids and the real-to-elementary-school-life stories make the scientific concepts interesting and relatable. They often transition to video of real life people, which further connects the message to real life.

Sid the Science Kid: How to Recycle 

Length: 2:44

In this short video, they talk about the materials in various waste products, they define recycling, and sorting recyclables by material composition.

Sid the Science Kid: Learning about the Habitats 

Length: 3:14

The characters in this video are on a field trip and have an opportunity to learn all about different habitats.  They connect living and non-living things as important components in the habitat.

Sid the Science Kid: Reused Robot 

Length: 9:52

Rather than a traditional video, this video is in the form of a digital book.  The text changes color so the viewer can see the words that are being read aloud.  

This story counters the common belief that broken toys are immediately ready for the trash can.  The story explores what happens to items that are thrown on the garbage. Then they explore other options for their waste, including recycling and reusing material.

Paw Patrol

Full episodes of Paw Patrol are found on Nick Jr. and shorter clips are available on a number of children’s apps. Paw Patrol isn’t centered on nature or pro-environmental behaviors. However, the character Rocky is a recycling dog who always brings the resources. Whenever he is involved, he is putting materials to good use.  There are also a few very intention moments that we can use with our littles.

Paw Patrol: Beehive Rescue

Length: 2:10

This video illustrates safe handling of bees and typical bee behavior.  It also hints at the importance of the bees by showing their relocation.

This video doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but it opens the door for a great discussion about why the Paw Patrol relocates the bees carefully and what importance they have.

Paw Patrol: Pups Save a Trash-Dinger!

Length: 2:09

In this episode, a trash truck is spewing garbage everywhere.  Rider gives Rocky a new truck that upcycles garbage into new objects.  It’s a little far-fetched, but it does give the idea of reusing material to make new things.

Peppa Pig

This British preschool-oriented television show can be viewed on Amazon Prime. The show typically centers around Peppa’s family or Peppa’s school, which can be relatable for school-age children who attend in-person classes.  The show doesn’t center around on the environment, but it does include characters that are animals and has this little gem of an episode below.

Peppa Pig: Recycling with Peppa’s Family

Length: 5:12

In this episode, Peppa’s parents explain recycling to her and take their family to the recycling center.  They also highlight sorting out recyclables by material. 

Sesame Street

This classic pre-school program covers all kinds of amazing content and can be found on Amazon Prime and PBS Kids.  The mix of puppets and real people help make the show engaging and relevant to children.  They also include diverse representation, so your learner is likely to find someone who they connect with on the show.  The following environmental education videos for preschool kids provided by Sesame Street are among my favorites on this list! 

Sesame Street: Murray Visits a Recycling Center

Length: 6:03

In this episode, Murray explores recycling and visits a recycling center to see what happens to the material after it’s put in a recycling bin.  It also sets up a comparison between recycling and trash. 

Sesame Street: Recycling Challenge

Length: 5:00

This is actually a clip from a Sesame Street spin off, Abby’s Amazing Adventuress.  It’s animated, but otherwise pretty similar to the clip with Murray above.

Sesame Street: It’s a Habitat

Length: 13:16

Where are my Lin Manuel Miranda loving grown ups? This one is actually fun to listen to and does a great job of introducing littles to different types of habitats and animals that may be found there.

Sesame Street: Science & Nature School

Length: 4:25

Murray is at it again with this clip where he visits a science & nature school and explores living creatures and their traits.  He gets super excited about learning about science and nature in a way that is pretty contagious. 


I admittedly tried to resist the Blippi craze. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this grown man with his goofy clothes and giggle playing with toys in videos for my kids. But I actually find many of his videos very educational for my kids and a way to explore things that they may not otherwise have ready access to.  The goofy things that bothered me are actually key to helping kids relate and connect to him.  Some episodes also include catchy tunes, too.

Blippi: Great Green Adventure Movie

Length: 41:38

This video focuses on sharing how kids can take care of the earth. It features a forest and highlights the plants you find there.  It also shows recyclable materials, plants, and more! He also has a ton of excitement about his appreciation for planet earth. When kids see him get excited, they are likely to do the same.


Blippi Goes Hiking

Length: 15:45

In this video, Blippi hikes through a wooded area on a trail. He demonstrates all the cool things you can see in nature while you are on a hike, including plants and animals. 

Blippi Learns to Recycle

Length: 13:14

In this video, viewers see the recycling truck collecting recycling from home bins and learn a bit about the truck itself.  Blippi sets up a comparison between garbage and recycling.  Then we see a little bit about what happens at the recycling center.

This list provides a number of great opportunities to explore various concepts that are foundational for creating little eco kids! You can also look back at our list of environmental videos for toddlers. Often our preschoolers will still appreciate those, too. They are also useful when time is short, as they are generally less than 5-minutes long! 

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Be sure to follow up on the concepts learned in these environmental education videos for preschool kids to give your learners another opportunity to engage with the material. Conversation and hands-on experience are two great ways to follow up. You may also want to explore giving your littles some chores around the house or tasks in the classroom that align with these key concepts.  To help you frame age-appropriate chores, you can check out our Eco Chore Charts

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