Board Books Featuring Racial & Ethnic Diversity That We Love!

Man in gray shirt reading a board book to a baby in a white onesie and hat.

Before my first daughter was even born, I knew that I had to create a library filled with books for her. My baby shower theme was books. My hosts used books to decorate.  They also encouraged everyone to bring books in lieu of a card.  The shower launched our baby’s little library.  But I didn’t want just any books. I wanted to create a library that was intentionally diverse in as many ways as possible.  I added books to our baby registry that would help create a multicultural library.  Lucky for you, I am going to share a very short list of board books featuring racial & ethnic diversity that we love so that you don’t have to sift through long lists and book reviews when you’re trying to select the very best for your littles! 

More More More Said The Baby

This adorable story by Vera B. Williams offers three examples of child and care-giver interactions that warm the heart.

The repetition of the story’s “More, More, More” enthralls my littles as they read the variations provided by each pair.  

The images in the book depict racially diverse characters without falling into stereotypical representations. The book also includes a variation of care-givers, which can offer representation to different family structures, as well! 

Image of the Cover of "More More More Said the Baby" - a Board Book Featuring Racial & Ethnic Diversity

Image of the Cover of "Say Hello"  a Board Book Featuring Racial  Ethnic Diversity

Say Hello! 

One of the things I love about this book by Rachel Isadora is the way it beautifully weaves together a story while introducing many different words for “hello.” Too often books introducing different languages seem choppy or they are simply repeating the same words in another language.  This story embeds different languages into the very plotline of the book.

Not only does your little one hear a variety of languages, but they also see many colors and shades of skin on the characters of the book. These characters make up members of the protagonists own community– just as our own communities are made up of people who may look differently, too!

Ten Tiny Babies

My girls absolutely love this book by Karen Katz. The book includes rhyme and counting from one to ten, which make it a good choice for learning littles.

The thing that makes this book an even better option for your little’s library is that it depicts babies from different races all existing together as they eat, play, bathe, sleep, and live.

Image of the Cover of the book "Ten Tiny Babies-- A Board Book Featuring Racial  Ethnic Diversity

Additional Lists 

I am excited to share my daughters’ three very favorite board books featuring racial and ethnic diversity with you. I know that these books appeal to toddlers because my own toddlers (two and three years old) pick out their own books to read at bedtime. These are the books that they pick over and over again.

But if you’re looking for additional books, there are a plethora of books out there. There are also a number of wonderful curated lists for you to help you narrow them down.  I recommend these lists: 

  1. The Top Ten Multicultural Board Books for Babies and Toddlers ~
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We certainly have other books that depict racially and ethnically diverse characters, but these are three that my girls beg to read. Having books with diverse representation is good. Having books filled with diverse peoples that your children love and ask to read is even better! Hopefully you can use this list to help you choose board books featuring racial & ethnic diversity to develop a multicultural library for your little to enjoy as much as my own!

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