Eco Taste Challenge Promo Says "Want to Eat a More Eco-Friendly Diet Without Eating Like a Rabbit" and "Check Out Our FREE 5-Day Challenge: Eco Taste"

Eco Taste Challenge

Eco Taste

A FREE five-day challenge to introduce key concepts involved in adopting an eco-friendly diet in a low-pressure, supportive environment.

  • Care about the environment? 
  • Want to reduce your negative carbon impact on the environment? 
  • Currently eating meat with 80% of your lunches and dinners? 
  • Currently including beef or lamb in your meals 2+ times a week? 
  • Intimidated by the idea of being “vegetarian” or “vegan”? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this free challenge is for you! 

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Our Goals

We want to grow a community of like-minded adults who aspire to a sustainable(ish) lifestyle for themselves and the young people they inspire.

Our Method

We use gamification, encouragement, and community to develop a fun, low-risk social learning experience for participants. 

The five-day time span of the challenge requires a small commitment, but allows for success by creating enough flexibility for individuals to choose their pathway forward.

We introduce small steps you can take to create a healthy, more eco-friendly diet for you and your family. These steps cover numerous ways to reduce waste and shrink your carbon impact on the environment. Together, these small efforts add up! 

Your Commitment

We ask you to: 

  • Choose ONE small way to lower the carbon impact of your diet each day by selecting from the provided list.
  • Provide “evidence” of your daily effort so that we can hold each other accountable and support each other’s efforts.
  • Interact daily with the engagement posts in the private Facebook community.

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Reasons to Participate in this Eco-Friendly Diet Challenge

Did you know that the impact of the typical diet of US citizens leads to the destruction of four trees every year, according to The Guardian?! 

An eco-friendly diet tends to be lower in cholesterol.  Therefore, it makes a heart-healthy option for those who need to reduce the cholesterol in their diet.

Eco-friendly food tends to be less calorie dense, which can help those who are trying to eat less calories and lose weight. 

One of the easiest ways to inspire young people to a more sustainable life is model one and begin teaching them early on! Get your little ones off to a great start by preparing eco-friendly recipes for the family! 

We did make some really positive changes though because of this challenge: less meat, fewer paper plates, fewer articles bottles, more vegetables and more locally grown food. Looking forward to continuing to make progress.

Lisa Rittenhouse


Will I have to follow a meal plan for the challenge? 

This may surprise you about a challenge marketed as a way to adopt a more “eco-friendly diet,” but no, there is no set meal plan. There are suggestions for meal elements, but there is lots of flexibility so that you can choose the options that fit your diet or family needs. 


What does it cost? 

The challenge is completely free to you.   While some people worry that eco-frien

dly food means that they must be more expensive, that doesn’t have to be the case.  Pre-packaged versions of food may be more expensive, but there are lots of options that doesn’t have to be costly and still allow you to (1) engage with the challenge and (2) help you transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


What is the time commitment for the challenge? 

The time you spend actually engaging with the challenge in the FB challenge group is very limited– a post once each day unless you WISH to engage further.  And if you miss your daily post… it happens. Try to catch up if/when you can.

The time spent on activities based on the challenge prompts? That may vary and involve a little bit of planning and/or meal prepping. But it is intended to be a part of your normal daily life of shopping, eating, cleaning in the kitchen.  This isn’t about adding EXTRA elements to the day; it’s about making small changes to things you are already doing.  

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