Our Sustainable Efforts

Our Mission

Provide quality, affordable, and desirable products from repurposed and sustainable materials and inspire a more sustainable lifestyle for our community members.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Green Whale become a valued, contributing business in our local community.


Our company values community, equity, education, integrity, and creativity. We strive to infuse these values into the products and services we provide and into our lifestyle. 


As a small, family business we are working to take everything we know and learn about a sustainable way of life and infuse it into our business. We are committed to doing better.  We don’t promise to be perfect, but we are engaging in constant learning and reflection on our practices to ensure that we’re being as sustainable as we can be.  Below, you will see some of the ways we’re working to turn our commitment into action.


Repurposed Material in Products

The use of repurposed material is at the core of our business. This helps us rescue discarded materials and give them new life.  We use furniture and other materials discarded or donated in our local community.


Reused Shipping Materials

When ever possible, we will repurpose shipping materials saved and collected from our community to ship our products.  When we don’t have upcycled shipping materials, we seek to use shipping materials that are made from recyclable or compostable materials.


Evaluating Process & Materials

We continue to evaluate our process and materials to find ways to reduce resource consumption and waste and to think critically about the potential impact of our product and processes on the earth and our community.


Made to Order

Most customized products are made to order to limit overstock and waste. This does mean that it may take a little more time for our customer and a little more urgency on our part. It also means that we are making an effort to reduce waste.


Support Local Business & Community 

We seek to find ways to support our local community and keep our business closer to home.