About Green Whale

Your Neighborhood Sustainable Resource

First and foremost, we’re a family-run business. This whale pod is a family of four with a commitment to contributing positively to our community and adopting socially responsible behaviors that model global citizenship within our household, our business, and beyond.

We’re new to the small business scene, launching our initial business efforts in 2020 as we recognized a way to benefit our community through our skills and interests.  We recognized the following gaps within our community and ways to address them:

Create & Curate Resources for Parents Who Want to Raise Kids That Care

Using formal education in curriculum, instruction, and learning design and over 10 years of developing learning experiences for classroom and out-of-class learning, Green Whale’s co-founder Devon offers resources to parents who want to raise kids who care about themselves, other people, and the world in which they live.  

Educate Parents with a Desire to Lead the Way

Building upon co-founder Rob’s educational background and sustained passion for political science and Devon’s training in diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and sustainability, the Green Whale parents hope to provide information to other parents so that they can lead by example. 

Sustainable Furniture Disposal & Quality, Affordable Furniture

As trends and styles change and homeowners/renters make updates to their space, the old furniture is often hard to unload.  The items risk making their way to landfills because they’re outdated—even though they may be fully (or mostly) functional. 

Further, new furniture if often quite expensive. Lower income families, growing families with children, and new homeowners can struggle to find quality furniture at prices that they can afford.  As a result, they often end up purchasing lower quality products from big box stores that are functional for a time, but are not long-lasting products made from sustainable material.

To address both of these concerns, Green Whale seeks to repurpose unwanted items to prevent them from entering the waste stream. Green Whale repairs, refinishes, and otherwise repurposes furniture to create new, quality pieces that make beautiful additions to one’s home at a reasonable price.  Thanks to the process of repurposing old pieces, we’re able to honor our commitment to resource responsibility while keeping our costs lower.  We are then able to pass along our savings to our buyers.

Creative, Personalized Products from Sustainable Material

To promote resource responsibility, we offer products made of more sustainable, long-lasting materials that align with the reusable trends that exist today. We also offer products that promote less packaging and/or plastic.  But we recognize that choosing a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean that you don’t want stylized and personalized products! Therefore, we hope to address these needs through the products we offer to our clients.

Needs in the Market

While not directly related to our sustainability goals, we recognize a need to provide products that aren’t already available.  As we have recognized products that are currently unavailable or limited and have needed to create these items to meet our own needs, we’ve made these products available through Green Whale, in hopes of fulfilling a need for others as well.

Personal Development

We hope to create opportunities for community members and their families to develop together and become more socially conscious and sustainable in their practices. We also hope to inspire fellow community makers and entrepreneurs to embrace sustainability and their own dreams to contribute to their community.

While we have a clear mission that centers on our call to take care of the world we live in, our products and initiatives do range widely. This diversification allows us to address the local needs of our community through a variety of means.




Arabasque Holiday Ornament with Green Bow & Red Ribbon and space for personalized name


Old dresser with drawers removed in need of refinishing


Hint of refinished dresser with bright jade color and contemporary gold bar drawer knobs