Virtual Egg Hunt


Eco Edition

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The Virtual Eco Egg Hunt

Celebrate the spring season and new life in a way that develops eco-consciousness, builds a community, creates awareness, and involves a bit of fun & competition!

Anchor Your Thoughts

As we continue to develop our eco-consciousness, it’s helpful to engage in opportunities that anchor our thoughts in environmental content. 

Through this content, we can learn ways that we can better incorporate pro-environmental behaviors into our journey. The more we practice this behavior, the stronger our mindfulness.

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Hunt for Knowledge

You will have the opportunity to hunt for new knowledge that can help you on your eco journey! 

By engaging with content from a variety of partner creators, you will become more aware of the information available to you on their sites.


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Build Community

Participating in the challenge will also give you an opportunity to connect with our intimate group of parents, teachers, caregivers, and responsible adults who are all working to slowly develop their own practices and model for their young ones. Having a network can help you on your journey to be more eco-conscious! 

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A pile of eggs hidden among tall golden grass

How The Hunt Works

Register for the FREE Virtual Eco Egg Hunt hosted by Green Whale and partners.

Receive invitation to join our private Facebook group.

Participate in the challenge April 11th-April 15th.  

Over the course of the five days, you will be provided with a question to answer and a link to a webpage where you can find the answer.

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Join The Hunt!

And if all those intrinsic motivators aren’t enough. Anyone who finds all the eggs will be entered into a drawing for a Green Whale prize from our shop!